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, wicked, jekyll & hyde all getting together at the end of this month raise money for the united way. >> bill: good for them. good for them. thank you dan. yes, indeed, an historic day at the white house. i got out of my sickbed to go down for the announcement in the east room. president obama coming out at 1:10 and announcing the final two members of the national security team. last week he nominated john kerry, a great choice to be secretary of state. yesterday, he presented to the world his next two picks. >> obama: to help meet the challenges of our time, i'm proud to announce my choice for two key members of my national security team. chuck hagel for secretary of defense and john brennan for directorror of the central intelligence agency. >> bill: the president was adamant in his praise of hagel who the president befriended when he was a member of the senate traveled with him to iraq and afghanistan, got to know him as independent centrist moderate, republican. and was willing to stand up to the leaders of his own party and say they were wrong. originally voted for the war in ir
it would launch long-range rockets that it claims can reach the united states. this is just after the united nations instituted sanctions on its last rocket launch. it does not seem to have much impact on kim jung-un. a variety of satellites and long long-range rocketses which will be launched one after another we will target the u.s. the sworn enemy of of the american people. settling accounts with the u.s. needs to be done with force not with words as it regards jungle law the rule of its survival. what? the country's belligerent stance is one more issue on the president's full foreign policy plate, and it's going to be a concern for john kerry if he's confirmed secretary of state as he's very likely to be, increasingly likely, as a matter of fact. he got a very warm welcome from both sides of the hearing at his confirmation hearings in the senate today. >> the friendship has endured i believe it is based in myture respect. some observers have attributed that respect to the fact that when we were much younger nicer and better looking men than we are now senator kerry and i spen
>> cenk: that's all the time we have. but remember it's the anniversary of citizens united. if you want to fight against that that's wolf we're doing a matching donation fund to get money out of politics. we'll see you tomorrow. "viewpoint" is next. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: oh, it's inauguration inauguration 2013. obama spoke. sasha yawned. beyonce sang, boehner went wept, and we were able to see what an inauguration party looked like. last saturday was gun appreciation day lead to go five accidental shootings nationwide. next saturday it's running with scissors appreciate day. today is the birthday of attorney general eric holder, j master j and 36 years ago my friends president jimmy carter pardoned the vietnam war draft evaders. and george w bush, dick cheney and mitt romney didn't show up. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. this is "viewpoint." thank you for spending your martin luther king jr. holiday with us. president obama marked his second inauguration at president with a speech that was less lofty and a lot of more lefty th
of the of the united states. and will, to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you mr. chief justice. >> they got it right as daughter sasha was quick to point out after wards when she congratulated her daddy and said, you didn't screw it up this time, dude. >> you did it. >> it's kind of harold to hear but she said you didn't mess it up. he said, i did it. >> good on john roberts, he read the oath from a script so he wouldn't screw it up. >> third time. >> that's the third time that president obama has taken the oath of. today will be the fourth time, and the president went to one of the event did last night. i believe this was at the convention center. and said how much he loves the first lady and what everybody is talking about, her new look. >> i love michelle obama to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. >> love her bangs. >> should have made a good debut for the bangs. >> a good look. earli
united, james salt to talk about some of the themes in the president's inhermanal address. now, we know beyonce wasn't really singing. do you care? but first. >> sean peyton was reinstated after serving a year-long suspension for being part of the bounty hit program last year. the coach released a statement saying he was thankful to be on the job and takes responsibility for all aspects of his few football program and mistakes were indeed made. he looks forward to coaching the saints, thanks to his supporters. >> he is going to coach the saints? he said he still works for them and is working forward to it >> bill: we love redemption. >> it was quite an after party after the inaugural ball. the washington post supports katie perry and ashley judd and others were at the executive mansion until 2:30 in the morning partying it up. >> that's when katie perry tweeted she had been at the best party ever. president obama and the first lady were there, too. no word on how late they stayed >> bill: i have been when bill clinton was in the white house, i have been
the election. on the other hand we seem to be here in the united states helping morsi selling military equipment to him as we speak. what do we make of morsi? >> well, morsi is the first democratically elected president that egypt has ever had. he did not win by a large margin but did he win. instead of trying to governor in a consensus fashion recognizing that he did not win by a large margin recognizing that there still isn't a parliament, there are going to be elections later this spring, instead of trying to put together a national unity government, having opposition forces in his cabinet and so for the, he has governed as a muslim brother. he has the religious right in all the key positions and he has alienated people this way. >> cenk: it's really interesting because on the other hand israel seems to be fairly happy with him, so are we. we send in more aid and military weapons to help him. that's something you might not necessarily expect. he's deep muslim brotherhood in domestic policies of egypt, but externally seems to be saying the right things. >> externally he has not rocke
to create a political the series and book are both called the untold history of the united states, and the series airs on showtime every monday at 8:00. it's a pleasure to be joined by academy award winner oliver stone and peter kosnic. thank you for coming on. >> our pleasure. >> eliot: this is a counter narrative history. you want the public to know there is stuff that you're not taught in your eighth grade history textbook. why, what is your thesis? >> i would say 12th grade, i studied history like you did i went to good schools. i don't think i know any of this stuff. most of it is--it is there the scholars know it. the top historians at college level know it if you study it, of course, but you don't get it in high school. that's where you need it. that's where you grasp history. >> eliot: are you talking in your works about the mistakes we made more than the affirmative storylines? >> the marshal plan worked, we won world war ii. then we shade over vietnam iraq, and we give it different shadings. we start in 1898 with the spanish american war and the brutality in the philippi
. >> here is the reality about the keystone pipeline that comes from canada to the united states to deliver oil. that oil is going to somewhere no matter what. this is becoming an ideological touchstone in washington but it doesn't mean a whole lot. that oil will find its way to china, the united states, to europe, wherever it's needed whether the pipeline comes to the united states or it goes across canada and off the coast of vancouver british columbia. this dc fight has very little meaning in the larger picture. >> michael: but those dc fights change the way we talk about it. >> they do. >> michael: it will be the centerpiece for however long for a moment or months of conversation. >> that benefits the status quo. it benefits big oil big coal and the lobbyists who represent those interests. if you're talking about what is relevant then you're not talking about policies and changes that are very important. >> michael: how does it change the president's accusation. >> facts, in washington they have a problem with. it's not tens of thousands of jobs but hundreds of jobs at the end of the da
of the wealthyiest individuals in the nation. the home of the president of the united states, operation push and oprah winfrey. at the same time you have african-americans who have been locked out of jobs, educational opportunities for decades. so although you do have some of these similarities between japan and let's say chicago and say look at the lack of gun violence overseas you have to look at some of the social issues as well where people are locked out of institutions that would allow them to get ahead. if you take that into play and then incorporate guns with individuals who have already learned by sixth and seventh grade that they're going to have a hard time getting ahead in life by the normal means add to that the proliferation of gangs throughout the chicagoland, you have the recipe for disaster that we've been seeing over the last several years. >> cenk: and a huge part that have recipe is when you sprinkle in all that weaponry. one last question for you lenny. you're doing this really interesting run in chicago. look jesse jackson's seat was one of the safest democratic seats i
to the debt of the united states, we have all sorts of day-to-day obligations that the united states incurs to pay the electric bill, to pay federal employees salaries to pay social security benefits. those are not debts to which the debt ceiling applies. and the idea is to recognize if we don't have enough money to pay those day-to-day obligations that the federal government should issue ious to people. it would say we're very sorry, yes, we owe you money, can't pay you now, when we can, we will. and then the fun part of the idea is that instead of the treasury trying to raise money through a back door mechanism like the platinum coin people would take these ious and tell them at a small discount, and that gets cash to most people's hands and at the same time it is less of a constitutional front to the congress. >> jennifer: so the notion would be that the -- so everybody who is a contractor with the government who is owed some money would be given some kind of paper. they could take that paper to the bank, and the bank would somehow buy it on the assumption that the
's questioning the full phase and credit of the united states of america and putting us over that cliff. now vice president biden told us oh, they'll never do that. the wall street journal will wrote an editorial that they will run scared. they're radical. a number of them have said if we have to destroy the credit of the country in order to get what we want which is down-sized libertarian type of a country we'll do it. >> cenk: you may be thinking cenk, congressman defazio you may be right about tax cuts. maybe. we have some tax increases, but over all as you can see from all the fact that we gave you the rich god enormous tax cuts, right? still. but wait a minute. aren't there parts of the deal that are good for the middle class? there are improved child tax credit. earned income tax credit extended for five years. notice those are not permanent. they're only for five years. no cuts to snap. wow, are they not merciful, and unemployment benefits was extended for one year. tax cuts permanent, unemployment extended for one year. let me tell you what a load of crap that is. oh wow unemployment bene
women have been assigned and attached to units and even commanders had no idea that women would be able to fulfill, and women served beyond anyone's expectation, really accomplished amazing feets, silver stars, bronze stars with combat devices. so they proved everybody wrong. >> jennifer: well there still are a few. let's take a listen quickly to representative tom cotton. he is a newly elected member of congress and a military veteran. here is what he says. >> to have women serving in infantry though could impair the mission essential task of those units, and that has been proven in study after study just from a matter of -- it's nature. upper body strength and physical movements and speed endurance and so forth. >> jennifer: is it just about strength or it is something els. >> the congressman's comments were really out of line and not based on facts. there are women who could do these tasks, because they are being recruited right now is another question, and we don't have our best and brightest necessarily joining the military, because today men are random
, mike. geoff americamerkley has emerged as a strong leader in the united states senate in his first term. we tried to get him on the show in studio today but he is back in oregon and he wasn't able to make it in, because i want to give him as much exposure as possible. and he's -- he's become the real leader on this issue, and he's not going to -- geoff merkley is not presenting this as a good deal. geoff merkley knows they could have gotten rid defendant filibuster. they could have done major, major reform. instead, we get this piece of nonsense from harry reid and mitch mcconnell. >> this is the full court press: "the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. [ music ] >> only on current tv. event. >> it doesn't anymore real than this. >> current's award winning original series is back with an all-new episode straight from the headlines. in the minefield of the nation's gun control debate, this could be the most polarizing issue. >> anybody could claim "stand your ground" and they can get away with murder. >> only on current tv. these talking points,
at some point may be able to reach the united states. so north korea is much more of a serious problem than iran even though our public opinion and press is focused much more on iran. >> jennifer: so what does kerry do about north korea? >> well, i think there is a lesson here which might be applicable to iran as well. just this week for the first time ever both russia and china joined the rest of the un security council in passing unanimously a solution expressing concern about what the north koreans are doing and saying. that may not be very much in substance, but those presidents joining us suggests that these countries might -- if we are skillful -- might become partners in trying to warn the north koreans not to overstep the limits of rationality. >> jennifer: so you have written a lot about the potential for the u.s. to sort of lose its hold on being the number one global power. you just talked about china or russia. do you see them potentially step going that vacuum? is there a real risk of u.s. decline? >> no, what i have said is that the united states
in the united states. but if you think we have it hot here, wait until you get a load of australia. they had to change their weather recordings to add two new colors. why did they have to do in a? the record temperatures are off the charts. next week they'll hit 123 degrees. 123 degrees. there's wall of fire. >> the conditions are so hot that it's really amplifying wildfires in australia. in fact, about 100 homes have been destroyed and we have a report on grandparents and grandchildren that went through a near-death experience. let's take a look. >> take a look at this terrifying scene this australia. a family, including five children, had to race into the water and cling to a dock for hours to escape this massive wildfire that tore through their neighborhood, trapped by a wall of flames. they treaded in water up to their chins for three hours. >> we saw tornadoes and fire just coming across towards us and the next thing we knew everything was on fire. >> the grandfather eventually found a small boat. thanks to him everyone made it okay. record heat with wildfires across the country. they h
america? >> well one of the things that this shows is that ignorance is dangerous. the united states ignored afghanistan in the 1990s and we saw what came out of that. we have been ignoring this area of africa for a long time even though morocco has been saying for many years that radical islamic groups have been growing for a while. perhaps the most prominent of them this one. he is someone who emerges in 2002, and takes 18 germans and french backpackers hostage. he gets almost $20 million as a result. he builds up a massive force from that. and through hostage taking robberies and associations with drug runners, they help guide many of the drugs ultimately boun for europe, they are getting paid fees to do that, so this group has grown through money and through violence, and they are very good at it. >> richard, aren't you overstating it though by saying we have ignored that part of the world? just yesterday for the first time in a while recognized the government of somlia. >> egypt is as far away from molly -- responsible military action is based this the he
is the united states marine band often known as the president's band because they are performing constantly at events at the white house. and they are magnificent, might i say. >> john: indeed. i'm a big fan of the harmonica. >> jennifer: the harmonica? >> john: every kid gets a marine band harmonica as a kid. >> jennifer: who knew. great thing about the marine band is i can tell you, governor every year, the president has a state dinner, of course, where he invites the governors to come. it is inside of the white house. you sit at these ten top tables. the marine band comes at one point in the dinner, comes through the room, parking in between -- standing in between the tables and playing masterpieces of american -- obviously history, patriotic tunes. it is completely goosebump inspiring. they're magnificent. >> john: it is a parth of the pomp i really like it. is easy to pooh-pooh it and say it is too much ceremony. this is where what we have been and will be comes together in a confluence of events. for all of the celebration, it is a great time for criticism of policy, celebration of vi
he's in this unit now. >>are you sure you made the right choice? >>absolutely, i know i've made the right choice. to have the camaraderie, the teamwork, the ability to work out and train on a regular basis, and just have that trust in your fellow man. i know i've made the right choice joining this band of brothers. (vo)the rookie is soon back under pressure. he's been asked by stadium officials to throw a t-shirt into the crowd. let's hope he does a better job than with his flash-bang. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: hey, good morning everybody. good to see you today. it is thursday, january 24. welcome to the "full court press" here on current tv this thursday morning. bringing you the news of the day. from our nation's capital and our studio here on capitol hill, from around the country and around the globe. and big news today in his final act as defense secretary leon panetta will announce today he's lifting the ban on women serving in combat, a move that's long overdue, over 20,000 women have already served in combat in iraq and afghanistan. 131 of them giving their lives in thos
in such an uncomfortable and awkward position. combat effectiveness is based in large part on unit cohesion. the relationships among members of a unit can be irreparably harmed by forcing them to viteale societal norms. my first response was unit cohesion, used to deny gay and less lesbians the right to serve. >> a lot of the same arguments were used when we were integrates racially. when you're in a vulnerable situation whether that's hygiene or having bullets fly and you're watching your life flash before your eyes, any vulnerable position you're in, it is uncomfortable to have strangers next to you. that's the situation because women are in combat. we cannot accomplish the mission without the women there serving in combat. and because they've been denied the proper duty titles and the training opportunities to train alongside the men they're fighting with, they're relative strangers. the men don't have any idea what their abilities are because we didn't train together. we may have received the same training but in my case being a pilot, i got to train with the men that i served in combat
states. it is a betrayal of the people of the united states. it is the betrayal by the speaker, personally, of the members of this house not to permit a vote. i have never seen an action like it. i hope i never see it again. >> eliot: that was my guest congressman jerry nadler eloquent as always on the floor of the house yesterday laying the blame squarely on speaker john boehner for the further unprecedented delay in hurricane relief funds. congressman, there's been some progress because of the outpouring of rage that was -- your speaker symbolic of that. where are we now in the effort to get sandy relief funds? >> we now have a commitment from the speaker and how much the commitment is worth remains to be seen because he broke his previous commitments but we're going to vote tomorrow on $9 billion to replenish the hurricane insurance fund of the united states which otherwise will be bankrupt next week. so we have no choice but to do that. we're told on january 15th, the first full work day we'll vote on the othe
've had as secretary of treasury the premier financial position in the united states government more important because our president has no training, and really no understanding of class classical business and economics. >> jennifer: and an unnamed congression nat source told the "washington post" jennifer ruben that lou was the one to screw up any dales deals and proposed lefty positions, whatever that means. and, we don't need a treasury secretary who thinks that wall street deregulation was not responsible for the financial crisis. we need a treasury secretary who will work hard to break up too-big-to-fail financial institutions so well street cannot cause normassive financial crisis. but, are there enough lawmakers who don't approve of lou to scuttle the nomination? i say no way. coming to us from washington, d.c. tonight to discuss this story and more about president obama's second term cabinet tad divine. welcome to "the war room"." >> good to be here, governor. >> jennifer: jack lou seems like the perfect nominee. twice confirmed. he's conservative, an orthodox jew. he returns
services are required within a year to have sexual violence units created, so he needs to expedite that and make sure that the women are treated as equals to the men and that we end this cultural dialogue. >> jennifer: it is a cultural problem. and as you said you can start taking steps to change a culture within a very large organization, and there's been some progressives who have criticized hagel because of his -- you know he is very conservative on social issues on choice, very conservative on a number of issues but because he has been very conservative does not mean that as leader of the department of defense that he would tolerate a culture of violence against women. and i think that's the line. he has to make it clear that he will not tolerate it. >> chuck hagel is very conservative of these issues. barack obama is very liberal. we need to go with the majority of the people in the country. and we have to break the cultural silence. >> jennifer: right. that's what we're going to talk about next with cenk uygur. christine thank you so much for coming insi
to people who are broken our laws or are in the united states illegally. >> of course we build a fence and we do not give in-state tuition credits to people who came here illegally. >> jennifer: that went on and on, and we know how that turned out for them. latino made up 12.5% of the overall electorate and they would have had even more of an impact if all of the eligible hispanic voters had voted. because all of them make up 17% of the total u.s. population and just 10% of the voters this year. so they are punching below their weight. so pew estimates that that voting block is going to double in size over the next generation. it is a huge number. another member of the gang of eight, senator john mccain seems to have gotten the message. >> i'll give you a little straight talk. look at the last election. look at the last election. we are losing dramatically the hispanic voted which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we have got to understand that. >> jennifer: actually this is the first time that john mccain has signed on to any of the president
are unan mouse that it is making the united states of america less safe because of the number of enemies we were creating. >> the footage we showed you are being greeted warmly and it's worth remembering that pakistan is still an ally. are you disturbed by a growing hostility. >> the people i met with and one doesn't want to over generalize, couldn't have been more gracious. a man held upa a picture of his 65-70-year-old mother and said she was killed bu a drone and was not a terrorist. his children and grandchildren couldn't have been more helpful and wanted to get the word to the united states that they were not doing anything to justify our assass nating them and their relatives. they are able to separate at this point united states policy from members and people of the united states of america. a presidential candidate of pakistan said there are 100 fanatics in this tribal area, you now have 1 million people who hate you because you are murdering their relatives. think about that for a minute. and think about w
't necessarily be from town to town. it could be in the same town. each one has a sponsor unit, a charter organization. under this proposed policy change, the charter organizations and sometimes they're churches, civic groups, they're schools. these charter organizations will have the ability to set membership policy. so it seems likely that some charter organizations perhaps the mormon church or the catholic church might continue to prohibit gays and participating but it looks to us that the majority of charter organization civic groups, more mainstream christian nominations will be welcoming gays with open arms because as we've seen at the local level a ban on gay members can be very devastating and you look at all of the reasons there was a change over the last six months, one of the things we were able to do was to amplify the voices of scout leaders using an awesome online tool called to help them gather the million plus signatures you mentioned in the intro and make the bsa national board understand how big of an impact the ban is having at the local level. >> john: you d
)across town, unit 30 are doing some bonding of their own. in the spirit of all for one and one for all, the team are serving out the rookie's punishment together. it seems that dave has finally brothers. >>nobody here from 20, right? >>yes sir. >>remember that. >>yes sir. >>what's this, 13? >>the other guys, they rip on me a lot, and they might make fun of me, but i know deep down that if they didn't like me, they probably wouldn't even talk to me whatsoever. so that just, it actually builds a lot of camaraderie, it builds a lot more trust, and i'm sure as my tenure starts to grow here, i'll be able to, to hit back a little bit too. it's a great feeling to know that, when you come to work, you're not really going to work, you're going to go hang out with a bunch of your buddies, and that's just something that i really appreciate. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: hey, good morning everybody. welcome to the "full court press" on this tuesday january 29. so good to see you today. thank you for joining us for our little roundup of all the news of the day. whether it's happening here in our natio
. in order for that to work he has to get through the united states congress. we have had a republican caucus that they don't want to get anything done. because they don't want to get anything done, the president has to pick and choose his agenda. the question a lot of immigration are asking, you have to get it done in the first 100 days or you lose the political capital for winning the election. it's going to require a progressive. i said this all the time. what progressives are going to have to do, it's not b waiting on the president for the president to take up our agenda. we have to bring our agenda to warrant, pursh our agenda through the congress and the president will sign it. we can't depend upon the president to carry our agenda. >> that's what you are going to see in the next coming weeks or months and hopefully, angelie from the center for american progress will tell us what they are going to do moving their issues forward. before we go to break, we want to talk to stewart in saint petersburg, florida. >> good morning, guys. when we talk about as
's an incredible adrenaline rush. had an opportunity to go to another unit, i worked with other units but i haven't seen a high level amount of training that has impressed me as much as the 82nd airborne. we're the best. so what do you want? which clear [ music ] [ music ] hello. good morning everybody. welcome to this great land of ours. ours. it's hard to say which is a big story. news breaking eight senators four republicans led by john mccain. four led by john schumer who have come up with a come comprehensive immigration plan bi-partisan they are going to announce today which includes a path to citizenship as well as tougher enforcement at the border all contained in one bill. president obama will talk about it in las vegas tomorrow. >> that's huge story. but perhaps a bigger story sara palin dumped by fox news. she was soaking it up and saying nothing. finally, they dumped her but they still have karl rove and dennis cue sin itch. kus. nich. all of that coming up here on current tv. floorboard >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie mill
. >> stephanie: yep. >> we started to stop the trafficking of weapons from the united states to mexico. >> stephanie: right. >> when i was in homeland security, you couldn't believe the resistance of looking into weapons that were leaving the united states and going into mexico. now why would we want -- why would we want to stop -- not want to stop that trafficking whether it was drugs or -- or weaponry into mexico, since we have stomped it down to the ground as much as we could anyway. >> stephanie: and look at how new york got done on gun control. how quickly and in a bipartisan way. >> you have got to do the work beforehand. cuomo wouldn't have brought it up -- he didn't bring it up the legislature brought it up, but he approved it. in congress we kind of work like backwards many times. we go from the top and then it comes down to the members, and that's not the way to do it. we do that on that lot of subjects. i think the president has done the right thing to talk to those who were first affected. >> stephanie: yeah. >> what the hell did they do wrong? >> yea
of the hand behind the puppet of the nra markets guns to the shrinking minority of people in the united states, and we know fewer and fewer people own more and more guns. that's a proven fact, to market to those people, you have to tell them, here is the latest thing. the nra goes along with this, the fan magazine, it's in a way just a big advertisement. it's also an example of the blatant hypocrisy and bald face lying that the nra is capable of doing and does every day. >> cenk: so tom talk to me about the power of the nra. is it because they spend money in politics or is it the voters? how do they amass so much power? >> well, the nra really does not have that much power. if you look at their electoral record, who they backed in the last election, who they opposed and they really wanted to take down barack obama. if you look at the record, they have not done very well. this is a self-serving myth that surprisingly enough people who call themselves progressives, liberals democrats have bought into. they make the nra as powerful as can be. look you're not going to beat the nra in a state that
, there is not one person in the united states of america who would say let's get that guy a gun. i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: i totally agree. thank you all for joining us here in the war room. hope you have a great night and we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> cenk: "young turks," we've got a great show for you gabby giffords talking to the media now. >> children in the classroom it's time to say enough. >> it is time to say enough. we're going to talk to congressman steve cohen about that. we'll talk to one of the kennedys. he has controversial things to say not only about gun control but how fidell castro is underappreciated. we've got some great interviews for you guys. on a.i.g., these are the guys we bailed out. i can't believe they're doing this. turns out they're going to sue us for bailing them out. it makes me sick. on alex jones you've seen it by now, the crazy flip out but he's also flipped out on the "young turks." our battle with alex jones. that's nothing but fun. huge show ahead for you guys. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> 34 americans are killed every day by fi
the united states and now it's costing business in mississippi. and then we have a person who is an activist for the dream act and then all of a sudden her mother gets picked up by the authorities. get a look at this reaction. [ sobbing ] >> cenk: she's going to be on the show today. and then finally here we go again, another republican talking about legitimate rape. >> it is true. we tell couples all the time who are having trouble consuming because of the woman not ovulating, just relax. >> cenk: now wait until you find out the number of women who get pregnant because of rape in america. it's a stunning number. this is a stunning show. go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right we got some good news about afghanistan, and the good news is we're leaving. president obama met with hamid karzai, the leader of afghanistan. >> the forces i have ordered to afghanistan have served with honor. they've completed their mission and as promised will return home. the transition is well under way, and soon nearly 90% of a begans will livea--afghans will live in areas where afghan forces have control o
talking. is that the vice president? of the united states? yes, he came to the green ball. oh, my god. it was a big fing deal. it was. jacki, i don't know if you were -- >> roland texted me. i was hanging out with hal and summer and we had gone up to see some of the entertainment. he said get backstage now. i've got a series of -- now! you don't seem to understand, now! as we walked back, some guy literally pushed me and said you can't come back here now. apparently roland doesn't have sway over the vice president's guards. >> really? >> stephanie: roland is going to post a bunch of pictures because it wasn't just a moment. we were actually talking and laughing and he gave me a kiss. it was amazing. he is as charming as you hear. he really was -- it was incredible. >> great picture of him in the west wing. if you ever get a white house tour. >> stephanie: but anyway, he was amazing. i said he remembers everything. >> he said to you you are a beautiful woman. >> stephanie: but yeah. >> he says that to all of the girls. >> stephanie: i testified in front of you with that -- about talk r
's required of being the president of the united states, i can be in bed by 9:30. >> obama had an afterparty at the white house. he was up until 4:00 a.m.! >> you go. >> i do two minute of news at the top of the hour and i stay up late. >> what am i saying exactly? >> hal: 4:00 a.m. call against a guy who's probably still awake. how can you make the point that he'll groggily answer the phone. p.s., the two guys we ran if you look at mccain, imagine calling that man at 4:00 in the morning and asking him anything. seriously! ehh? who is this? click. >> get off my lawn. >> mr. president mr. president are you awake? we have an emergency. troops -- there is a nuclear submarine. >> i can't hear you. my goiter got in the way. >> hal: then mitt romney, if you take that picture of him pumping gas on the way to disneyland as a sign of how he handles stress -- >> oh, boy! >> he turns into a hobo. >> hal: hobo producers activate. form of a confused staggering man on the train. let's actually -- this is interesting, too. because while the inauguration was going -- let's go to sean in chicago. sean in chi
uniteing quality, innovation. >> what are you wearing? what's on your head? >> the google glass. it's a little project i've been looking at. it's one of the main focuses now that i shift doing more r & d. the idea is you want to be free to experience the world without fussing with a phone. you may not have noticed but i took a picture of you and you're making eye contact with me. if i whipped out the phone, it would be very different. >> how do i know you're not making that up? i literally can see the image that you photographed? does it reflect on--let's take a look. what is it? do you have to push anything? what did you do to make that work? >> i'm operating it backwards. it's not something--don't touch the pad on the side. >> gavin: there it is. >> that's somebody's finger, let me push the money. >> gavin: that's me, and you zoom right in. amazing. so this is something you guys have been working on at google for how long? >> this has been, you know, two or three years now but i've been much more involved just in the past year. >> gavin: and where did it come from? is this part of
can lift my sags spirits, vincent dimarco is the national coordinator for the "faiths united to prevent gun violence." he comes to us from baltimore tonight. thank you for joining us in "the war room." >> thanks for having me. >> jennifer: when and how did your organization get it's start? >> faiths uniteed to prevent gun violence started in 2010. when faith leaders successfully worked against toe tobacco to enact life-saving fda legislation. we thought we could use that same authority same power to reduce gun violence in america. that's when we came together. since then over 40 national faith groups have come to together representing tens of millions of americans to say it's time to reduce gun violence in america and there are ways to do it. faiths united to prevent gun violence is here because there are gun violence protection measures that work and have been proven to work. >> jennifer: tell us what the specifics are about the measures that you're proposing. >> the specific measures that we're proposing, a letter from faith leaders sent to president obama and congress said
of the united nations were false. >> john: that's mccain still trying to win the respect of his own party. they were even more incensed over rice's alleged efforts to mislead the american public during an election year, no less to no apparent logical reason. >> again, we were misled there was supposedly protest and then something sprang out of that. an all the sprang out of that. that was easily ascertainable. that was not the fact and the american people could have known that for days. >> with all due respect the fact is we had four dead americans. whether it was because of a protest or because guys out for a walk and they decided to go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent from ever happening again senator. >> john: illinois senator dick durbin was more direct in defense of ambassador rice and brought up a misleading comment that many would like to perfect. >> i think some of the criticism heaped on her was unfair. and did not reflect the fact that she was reporting the best informat
the united states of america less safe because the number of enemies we were creating. >> john: i gotta say in the footage we just showed from you making the film, you are being greeted warmly. it is worth remembering that pakistan is still officially a u.s. ally. is there still a warmth among the people there toward our country or are you disturbed by a growing hostility by the pakistani people? >> well, the people i met with, and again, you know, one doesn't want to overgeneralize, the people i met with in the investigation work for the film could not have been more gracious. these were people -- you know, a man held up a picture of his 65, 70-year-old mother. he said look, she was killed by a drone. she's not a terrorist. he and his children, her grandchildren, couldn't have been friendlier. couldn't have been more helpful. and wanted to get the word to the united states that they were not doing anything to justify our assassinating them and their relatives. so they seem to be able to separate at this point the united states policy from members and people of the united states of america.
the reforms we've seen so far? >> well, i think that labor is united. we all support legalization and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. for one very simple reason. we believe that taking these 11 million people and legalizing them and giving them the same rights, the same obligations the same responsibilities as any other american will help lift wages for everybody because they will not be at the mercy of employers who tend to exploit them and because of their status. so i think that this is a good thing for workers and besides you know i think that anybody that's working here should have the same rights. there should not be anything like a second class american worker in this country. >> john: i agree with you on that one. but let me ask since you were there today for the president's speech do you anticipate any pushback from conservative latinos over the president's reported same-sex marriage proposals as part of this reform bill? >> i don't think so because at the end of the day listen, we are saying everyone should have an opportunity to legalize their status. and if we sta
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